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"Your true source for superior security and protection."
To become one of the nation's most effective and reliable security service provider by upholding peace and order in the lives and properties of our partners.
To serve as a front line defenders highly committed in establishing secure and safe place to our partner clients with proactive engagements beyond their expectations.
  • A&M RED GIANT provides, supports and administers quality services to its partners.
  • To contribute to the progress of our client's community and establishments.
  • We seek to constantly improve our workforce and services to meet and exceed our partners expectations.
Mission Focused
  • Quality Service - To deploy highly trained security personnels

  • Securing - Prevention of losses through active positioning with vigilance attention in duty

  • Proactive Engagement - Dedication on taking actions on a certain situation with synchronicity to deter threats to the community or workplace

  • All will be done with full Integrity and Humility

Administrative Focused
  • Family oriented approach. We value and respect our people and our clients.

  • Constantly improves our information system that will allow us to further analyze different approach and tactics in order to upgrade our security operations.

  • Dedicating our full services to our partners/clients

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